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An Empirical Look
at God's Fourth Dimension
Sara Metz


Preface:an excerpt
Not a theological dissertation or scientific treatise but based on first-hand empirical evidence from eight ordinary, well corroborated individuals including myself, with Judaic/​Christian backgrounds, this book will recount how the Creator's force moved within our lives. Each chapter chronicles his or her particular, unique , unexplained assistance (either requested or unrequested) that saved his or her life.

To learn how this occurs, the reader must not be bound by formal trappings, and must be freely willing to explore the universe, be open to new information, and not be locked into his or her ethnic heritage. The reader must not be confined by limited classroom knowledge, nor afraid to ask questions and redefine what life is, and how the Creator works.

All here recount either hearing the voices of God, the Virgin Mary, or an angel during bodily traumas or having injuries healed after prayer.


Sara Metz
BA /​University of Richmond/​English
MA /​Virginia Commonwealth University/​English
+ 30 hours of courses from UVA, GMU, ODU.
Metz has taught at VCU, VUU, UMDEastern Shore,
UNCCharlotte, plus, a number of public schools.

"The world needs authentic documentation of actual positive paranormal happenings. All individuals have been corroborated," Metz states.

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Sara Metz, MA, The Author's Guild, NY, retired English teacher taught for 30 years in VA, NC, MD, and marketed the Hollywood Networking Packages for filmmakers 1995-1999. Metz discovered by a TV producer Sydell Albert in 1994, signed with a Hollywood agent Sandra Watt,for her manuscript, PAROCHIAL PANIC, from 1994-1995. Watt shopped the manuscript about a priestly pedophile living in Richmond to major publishers in New York during the fall of 1994. It was not optioned by Disney but looked at for six months; however, it did change how the Richmond Diocese handled pedophilia cases. News coverage hit the RICHMOND TIMES DISPATCH, WASHINGTON POST and THE STYLE WEEKLY July 12-14, 1994.
In June 1995, Watt encouraged Metz to publish
PROOF POSITIVE: AN EMPIRICAL LOOK AT GOD'S FOURTH DIMENSION. This short 52 page book deals with positive paranormal events in the lives of regular citizens, including Sara Metz. The book received reviews from May 1995-April 1997 in: RICHMOND TIMES DISPATCH, THE DAILY PROGRESS CHARLOTTESVILLE, HERALD PROGRESS HANOVER, VA, VILLAGE MILL, MIDLOTHIAN, VA, WHO'S WHO BOOKS IN PRINT, BOWKER'S FORTHCOMING BOOKS, a half page free ad by the HOLLYWOOD CREATIVE DIRECTORY, as well as entrance into THE AUTHORS GUILD, INC.,NY,NY.
"Part of mankind is actually center stage events of Biblical proportions..." Metz states.